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Wine Investment

In recent years, fine wine has become a very real alternative investment opportunity. One which has not escaped the notice of the city or the media.

Lets take 12 bottles of 1982 Chateau Lafite from Bordeaux. The earliest you could have invested in this product would have been 1983, when a case was sold for £300. As of today (November 2010) that same case would be worth in the region of £41,000.

Those of you reading this with a case of 1982 will certainly be smiling. However what is important to realise, is that a large percentage of the increase has happened in the last 10 years for mainly 2 key reasons.Firstly demand. More emerging economies like China, Russia and Brazil are focusing their interest on luxury consumer goods. In 2010 it has been calculated that there is now 11 million $ Dollar Millionaires on earth, an increase of 14% on the previous year.

Secondly supply. Fine wine estates are unable to simply increase production when demand increases, unlike other luxury goods such as cars. These estates are still making similar quantities of wine, as they did 50 years ago, when their sole markets were Europe.

Through our umbrella company Squarewalk Ltd, we now offer a full investment service from purchase through to sale. We will sit down with you at your convenience at our office, and explain in detail the investment process.
Once invested, like a fund manager we will monitor your portfolio, whilst we monitor the market. Prices are assessed every 4 weeks. We then advise when there has been a spike in a wine and let you decide to hold on or sell.

All investment wines are safely stored in a bonded warehouse in Manchester, which is available for inspection.

For further details please contact our office on 0161 976 3696 or email us.